Empowering Urban Agriculture in Long Beach

Join us in transforming urban spaces into thriving gardens that support local restaurants and homes with fresh, organic produce.

Sustainable Farming

Our methods ensure that every plot we manage is eco-friendly and productive, providing high-quality produce year-round.

Community Engagement

We believe in giving back. Our programs educate and empower local youth, veterans, and seniors through hands-on gardening experiences.

About Organic Harvest Gardens

Located in the heart of Long Beach, Organic Harvest Gardens is dedicated to cultivating urban farm plots that supply fresh produce to local restaurants. We also specialize in installing home vegetable gardens, bringing the farm-to-table experience to your backyard.

Chef Rod Dodd

Chef Rod Dodd, the visionary behind Organic Harvest Gardens, is a UC Certified Master Gardener, Certified Animal Technologist, and a Culinary School Graduate. Known for his dedication to the community, Chef Rod delivered over 300 fresh organic produce boxes weekly to seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic, earning the title of California Hero. He continues to expand the Gardens, offering educational programs for veterans and seniors to promote healthy living and stress reduction through gardening.

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From Seed to Harvest to Table

Our comprehensive course, ‘From Seed to Harvest to Table,’ is designed to empower economically disadvantaged youth with the skills and knowledge of conventional gardening and hydroponics. Led by Celebrity Chef Rod, this program provides hands-on experience and education in sustainable agriculture.

Introduction to Gardening

Students will learn the basics of soil preparation, planting, and maintaining a garden. This module covers essential gardening techniques and introduces the concept of organic farming.

January 2023

Hydroponics 101

This feature focuses on teaching the principles of hydroponic systems. Students will understand how to grow plants without soil, using nutrient-rich water solutions.

February 2023

Sustainable Practices

Emphasizing sustainability, this module covers composting, water conservation, and eco-friendly pest control methods. Students will learn how to create a sustainable garden ecosystem.

March 2023

Harvesting Techniques

Students will be taught the best practices for harvesting various crops to ensure maximum yield and quality. This includes timing, tools, and methods for different types of produce.

April 2023

Cooking with Fresh Produce

Chef Rod will guide students through the process of preparing delicious meals using the produce they have grown. This module combines culinary arts with gardening, promoting healthy eating habits.

May 2023

Community Engagement

In this final module, students will learn how to share their knowledge with the community. They will participate in outreach programs and help set up gardens in local schools and neighborhoods.

June 2023

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Support Organic Harvest Gardens in our mission to bring fresh, organic produce and gardening education to our community. Whether you choose to volunteer, donate, or participate in our educational programs, your contribution makes a difference. Help us continue to provide valuable resources and opportunities to those in need. Together, we can grow a healthier, more sustainable future. Join us today!